Global Ladders - Aluminium Scaffolding Ladder

Aluminium Scaffolding Ladder

The aluminium tubes used for making the scaffolding tower ladders are made with grade. Alloy 6351 T6 and LM-06 For die casting and outside diameter accurately gauged to fit properly into the metal couplings and to allow complete interchangeability. Fittings and couplings are specially made for the tubes in use & are Satisfactory Quality as to stregnth & Performance. All Rungs of the scaffold are uniformly spaced. Diagonal bracing is continuous and joined with quick release snap grip (sleeve) coupling. Scaffolding is movable on castor wheels, brakes are provided for safety while in operation. Scaffold legs can be set on either plain or adjustable bases with the provision of jacking of minimum 200mm length Platform is stable at any height. Aluminium scaffolding - modern day solutions for working at a height Easy to transport & Store and quick & simple to assemble Aluminium Scaffold to work at a height safety. Scaffoding is the ideal lightweight, modular platform & tower system for convenient use both for indoors & outdoors. Scaffolds are a safe & easy means to work at height using both hands, standing on a sufficiently large platform.

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