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Global Ladders Pune
Global Ladders Pune

Carefully Read the Safety Label Instruction
Inform your workers to read the instructions written on the ladder's safety sticker carefully before begin the work. As is the case with any tool in which safety is an important issue, take your time to read the directions that can prevent an accident.

Always Inspect The Ladder Before Using It
Before using a ladder make sure to inspect it to see that it is in good condition. Look it over to see if there is any damage or wear. Pull on rungs, and test the lock bars to make sure they are stable and secure. All of the safety precautions in the world won’t matter if the ladder breaks when you’re on it.

Select the right ladder for the job
Ladders have legible labels on the side rail that indicate the total weight load allowed and ladder classification, including the worker, tools, and materials allowed. And, that label also indicate the safe working height.

Don’t overreach
The most common safety error is overreaching. This can cause a step ladder to topple or an extension ladder to slide sideways along a surface. Injuries are often serious and sometimes fatal.

Ladders are designed for one person at a time
It’s never safe for more than one person to be on a ladder at one time. Not only does it disrupt the balance of the ladder and the people on it, but it also puts multiple people in danger.